All relations between individuals involve ethical judgements, and is therefore of concern for all of us.
Ethical considerations can be quite difficult in relations that are not equal, such as in health care (and
in pediatrics in particular), and even more difficult and complex when the stakes are high in terms of
risks and benefits, such as in life-and-death decisions.

ethics, has gained momentum in terms of popular interest and research activities,
and is reflected in health care institutions by an increasing demand of more ethical deliberations in the
daily work. How this is to be achieved, and why, is still not clear, but developments is taking place in
different institutions, and networking activities are increasing.

As representatives of pediatric healthcare in general, and pediatric oncology in particular, we perceive a
great need for developing ethical theories, methods and knowledge with a focus on children, who presents
particular ethical challenges.

For that reason, a joint working group on Ethics (WGE) was established, representing both the physicians (NOPHO) and the
nurses (NOBOS) organizations for pediatric oncology in the Nordic countries.

The intention of the WGE is to be a Nordic competence group in clinical ethics that offers ethics support and puts the ethical
questions within paediatric oncology on the agenda, by developing and disseminating knowledge and methods

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